Viet Nam to be Poised for Asian Cup 2007

The 2007 Asian Cup final round will take place in Viet Nam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia from July 7 to 29.

According to Viet Nam Football Federation (VFF) General Secretary Tran Quoc Tuan, Viet Nam has been preparing for the event for a year: “In order to get the team ready for the Asian Cup, we have invited a lot of strong teams like Jamaica and Bahrain to practice with us.

"Although Viet Nam has some stiff competition from Japan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), I believe that the team will have a few surprises for them as well”.

Alfred Riedl agreed, saying: “This is the first time Viet Nam has hosted an Asian Cup final round, and it is a real honor for Viet Nam’s team.

"Since Japan, Qatar and the UAE are much stronger than us, we won’t have many chances to advance through the rounds. My boys will put on a good show though”.

Viet Nam will warm up for the upcoming competition with two friendly matches against Jamaica, at My Dinh Stadium on June 24 and Bahrain, on June 30 at Hang Day.

The inaugural ceremony and first match will kick off on July 7 in Bangkok, while semi-final games will take place on July 27 in Ha Noi and Kualar Lumpur.

The final match will be held in Jakarta on July 29. 

Source Vnex – Translated by Hoang Uy

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