Vietnam’s Quang Liem to reach Top List in world chess

Although ending the 46th Capalanca Memorial with the second place, Quang Liem’s success in the tournament brought him the honor to reach the Top List of international grandmasters in chess with the 40th position.

On round 10, Vietnam’s Le Quang Liem (right) was defeated by Ukraine’s Ivanchuk Vassily (Photo:

Vietnam’s Le Quang Liem, who ranked 49th in the world, has risen up to the Elite Group of international grandmasters in chess with an Elo rating of 2705 until May 20th, 2011. This title is awarded only to the players whose current Elo rating is 2700 and above in the FIDE rating system. Quang Liem is the first Vietnamese chess player who has this special honor due to his achievements in the 46th Capalanca Memorial took place from May 10th to 22st, 2011 (Vietnam’s time) at the Riviera Hotel in Havana, Cuba.

After winning Bruzon Batista Lazaro and Navara David in two rounds, namely round 8, 9, Quang Liem got 6.5 points and continued to lead the 46th Capalanca Memorial. Ukraine’s Ivanchuk Vassily with an Elo rating of 2776, ranked 5th in the world, standed at second position with 5.5 points. Russia’s Andreikin Dmitry (2687) ranked 48th in the world got 5 points. Czech Republic’s Navara David (2702), ranked 39th in the world got 4.5 points. Two grandmasters Dominguez Perez Leinier (2726) and Bruzon Batista Lazaro (2693) from Cuba, successively got 4 and 1.5 points.

Round 10 was the competition between Ukraine’s Ivanchuk Vassily, who has won the Capalanca Memorial four times and Vietnam’s Le Quang Liem. With his experiences, Ivanchuk defeated Quang Liem and finally got 6.5 points. After ten rounds, Ivanchuk and Quang Liem both had 6.5 points but Ivanchuk was announced to won this year title thanks to his higher Elo rating.

The Capablanca Memorial is an annual chess tournament that has been held in Cuba since 1962 to commemorate José Raúl Capablanca y Graupera, a famous Cuban chess master who was the world champion from 1921 to 1927. Ukraine’s Ivanchuk Vassily, the winner of this year tournament, was also the champion who had the most victories in history of The Capablanca Memorial.

By Truc Quynh – Translated by Huu Duy

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