Tay Son Lacquer Ware Showroom: Destination to Discover and Enjoy

Discover …

“This is a beautiful place! I have been here twice to learn the making process of lacquer wares during my vacation in Viet Nam. It is really interesting”, said a Belgium traveler at Tay Son lacquer ware showroom in Ho Chi Minh City.

She is not the only tourist impressed by the small workshop next to the showroom in Vo Thi Sau street. It is also regarded as “a short-term course” in understanding the act of making lacquer ware.

 “If you know how to make a lacquer painting, you must know its value as well as the message in each painting. That is why the workshop next to the showroom is placed here.” said Mr. Vo Van Xu, Vice Director of Marketing.

Besides the showroom located in Ho Chi Minh City, there is a 3-hectare factory in Long Thanh province with more than 100 workers and artists.

In the showroom, the receptionists who are good in English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese are willing to explain the craft of lacquer ware right from the beginning until the end of the product. It is also important to know how to preserve the precious ware.


A German visitor said: “I love Tay Son’s lacquer products not only for its beauty and value but also for the way the company informs us about the products.

Buying any handicraft, big or small, now I know about the making process and how the article I bought should be protected. The company will even compensate us if the paintings have any small technical defects.”

…and enjoy

Visiting the showroom, you will see hundreds of painting and handicraft products in all shapes and sizes featuring beautiful places in Viet Nam: alleyways, flowers, trees, and also local people in traditional attire.

Mr. Xu proudly said that his lacquer products are today chosen as formal gifts by governments from around the world and Vietnamese leaders. The Tay Son lacquer ware showroom is used to be a good place to tour by international high-ranking delegations such as the Royal Family of Malaysia, Prime Minister of The Republic of Mongolia, and Senator of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Most of them left with very high satisfaction.

“Sometimes we receive orders from Russia, Japan and Germany which are our regular customers. We receive the information about size, colors, as well as the material required, and we send the products after three or four months to our clients” Mr Xu added.

…even more

Another significant service which so far has drawn a lot of attention of foreign ladies is “Ao dai” - a Vietnamese traditional long dress. A French lady showed her pleasure with a new “Ao dai”, saying that it was very comfortable and beautiful to wear.

This service, supplying many kinds of silk in different colors, was set up to meet the request of those ladies who want to possess a dress regarded as typical Vietnamese image. After three or four hours, the dressmaker offers the final combination of gown and trousers

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Reported by Van Hanh

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