‘What To Buy for My Dear?’

A&T is located on the crowded street 472-474 Tran Hung Dao, District 5. Entering this beautiful shop, you are firstly impressed by the shimmering light and colourful clothes.

Shop for kids

A splendid world of collection for boys and girls appears before the eager eyes of lovely kids accompanied by their parents. This shop displays not only a wide range of trousers, shirts, skirts, miniskirts, but also other things such as toys, shoes, head-dress, bags and even stuffed animals.

In front of the shop window, a nice girl points her chubby finger at a pink miniskirt hanging on the

show-case, pulling her mother’s sleeve by the other hand: ‘Mum, I want that skirt! The one with many flowers on it! And I want the shirt with Kitty cat!’

Beautiful images, flowers, cartoon characters on the clothes and bags bewilder such kids and sometimes they don’t know which one to choose.

A mother said: ‘My daughter was allured by nice shirts in this shop and she kept on asking me to buy one for her as a birthday present. And I was impressed too, not only by the products but the polite and helpful manner of service’.

Quality matters

With the love for her children, the founder of A&T from the early days and maybe President – Director in the future, Madame Vu Thi Phuong Mai spent nearly seventeen years doing the business of kids’ fashion.

A&T was named after the initials of her two daughters’ names - Anh Thu and Tram Anh. She has incessantly developed her business with seven shops in Ho Chi Minh City and other neighbouring provinces such as Binh Duong or Dong Nai. The products are always recognized by their good quality, some of them have come to top shopping malls in Ho Chi Minh City including Diamond, Parkson, Zen Plaza.

Most of the products are made from such materials as cotton, khaki… They make the kids feel comfortable and cool. A&T imported goods from Hong Kong, Thailand. Since A&T shops have been known by Vietnamese customers, they decided to open a workshop of their own.

Their products are gradually replacing imported textiles and garment. Another interesting thing is that Mai’s younger sister is the designer of A&T collection. Both A&T leaders and Vietnamese buyers are very proud of this trade name.

Thus, Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Tourism recognized them the title of ‘Standard Tourism Service’. 
Plans to improve

However, Mai cherished another small dream: ‘I really want to have a branch in our capital - Ha Noi. And if I could, I want to open A&T Company’.

She also wants to establish a system of shops in other big cities. In the long-term, A&T’s leader really wishes to export their goods to Asian market. And her wish is not unreasonable. The high growth rate and good reputation of her self produced goods could make her dream could come true one day.

As the manager - Le Dam Bao Quoc said, A&T Collection for kids is not something you can buy anywhere. It is for customers who have rather high or satisfactory income. It conforms to fashion and quality.


Address: 472 - 474 Tran Hung Dao St - District 5 - HCM City
Tel: (08) 9239619
Fax: (08)8382023
Email: atkidsfashion@yahoo.com
Website: www.a-t.com.vn

Reported By Thuy Hang

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