At a meeting with farmers in Dong Thap ( Photo: SGGP)

Trips to Japan change life of farmers

Rural laborers in the Mekong delta province of Dong Thap have streamed into Japan with the desire of becoming an owner of a small business after returning to Vietnam.

Farmer Nguyen Ngoc Thuan in Hoa Long Commune in Lai Vung District spent 6 years to work overseas.

Labor export improves lives in rural areas

The Mekong delta province of Dong Thap takes the lead in labor export in the region. At present, the province has more than 4,000 people to work abroad who send VND1,200 billion home annually. In 2017, around 1,700 local workers signed contracts to work in foreign countries.
Workers attend a training course at INTIME Company before going to work in Japan  (Photo: SGGP)

Vietnam focuses labor export on high income markets

The Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs has set a target of sending 110,000 workers abroad in 2018, focusing on high income markets, said Mr. Nguyen Gia Liem, deputy head of the ministry’s Department of Overseas Labor yesterday.

A training course is delivered to laborers before working abroad (Photo: SGGP)

Making rich by labor export

The Mekong delta province of Dong Thap takes the lead in labor export in the region