According to the Malaysian Immigration Department, the raid conducted at the syndicate's headquarters in Cyberjaya was the biggest conducted this year. (Photo: Malaysia Immigration News update/Facebook )

Malaysia busts biggest-ever online scam syndicate

Malaysian authorities said on November 21 that they have busted the country’s largest-ever online investment scam syndicate with the arrest of 680 Chinese nationals in a single raid.
Malaysian officials discuss the strange disease that killed 14 Batek indigenous people (Photo: Malaysiakini/VNA)

Malaysia investigates strange deadly disease

The Malaysian authorities are working to identify the cause of a mystery illness that killed 14 indigenous people in an isolated village in northern Kelantan state.
Deputy Prime Minister Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (C) chairs a cabinet meeting in Putrajaya January 17, 2019 (Source:

Malaysia considers applying curfew for young people

Malaysian authorities are considering the possibility of setting a time limit for young people under 18 to be out of their houses without adult supervision to protect them from negative activities and influences.