200 new boats to serve Huong Pagoda Festival-goers

Two hundred high-quality boats will begin operations January 31 from 3am to 6pm daily to serve visitors coming to the Huong Pagoda Festival in Hanoi.

Tourists travel by boats along the Yen Stream leading to Huong Pagoda in My Duc District, Hanoi. This year, 200 new boats will be launched to transport visitors

The city Department of Transport January 8 said the eight- and 15-seat boats are made from corrugated iron.

Each boat offers plastic chairs and umbrellas for tourists, along with a storage area for their belongings.

The vessels will also be registered with numbers plates and licenses.

Boatmen will possess certificates outlining their professional qualifications and knowledge of local waterways.

The boats will transport visitors in both directions along three routes including Yen wharf-Thien Tru, Yen wharf-Long Van, and Cong Vai-Tuyen Son.

The annual Huong Pagoda Festival takes place from January to March of the lunar calendar.

By M.Duy – Translated by Thu Thuy

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