Annual Poll for Best Hotels, Travel Firms Kicks Off

VietNet Company has added two new categories to its annual poll on Vietnam’s top 10 hotels and travel firms – the hotels with the best service and the most prestigious tour operators.

Caravelle, a luxury five-star hotel in HCMC (Photo:KK)

Hundreds of Vietnamese and foreign visitors in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Ha Long Bay have already taken part in the event in the two days since the poll was launched. Nominations can be sent in until April 29.

Pham Hung Phong, director of VietNet, owner of the website, said: “The poll is an opportunity for promoting the traditional arts and culture of the country to the world.”

“We will cooperate with drama and puppetry theaters to offer tickets to voters.”

The list of the top ten hotels and travel companies will be announced on the website next month.

Entries for the hotel with the best service and the most prestigious travel firm can be sent in until June. The awards for both categories will be given away in July.

“A hotel’s service and a travel firm’s prestige will be based on criteria such as a smiling staff, stable prices, time of departure and others,” Mr. Phong said.

Reported by Kim Khanh

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