Buses to Siem Riep Off for A Flying Start

The Saigon Passenger Transport Company (SAPACO Tourist) has announced its high-quality bus route from Ho Chi Minh City to Cambodia’s Siem Riep via Moc Bai International Border-Gate in Tay Ninh province of Viet Nam.

Sapaco buses will go to Cambodia's Siem Riep via Moc Bai border-gate in Tay Ninh province

The fare is US$20 for a one-way ticket and US$36 for a return ticket and it takes 8 hours to travel from HCMC to Siem Riep.

Passengers are provided with breakfast and lunch, and a tourist guide who can speak Vietnamese, English and Khmer.

The first buses will be off on Feb 17, and go on its service twice a week.

SAPACO Tourist also provides tour guides and books hotels and tickets for visitors to Angkor Watt.


Reported by M.A – Translated by Thuy Hang

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