Natural and mysterious beauty of Lạng Cavern

Natural and mysterious beauty of Lạng Cavern
The Lạng Cavern, a natural exploit with a fascinating beauty is among the northern province of Phú Thọ Province's most popular tourist attractions.

The stalactites in Lạng Cavern gleam with purple and pink color

Lạng Cavern is very deep into the mountain. The mouth of the cavern is right in front of Mường Lạng field. This is the largest and longest stalactite carven in Xuân Sơn.

At some points, the roof of the cavern is even 15 or 20 meters in height, and its width nearly has the same size. The cavern extends along the limestone mountain.

There is a large stream flows along the bottom of the cavern. At the points where the cavern expands, its foundation is covered with a layer of rocks, yellow sand and clay.

On the roof of the cavern, there are stalactites letting down. Through millions of years, they have created many beautiful multiform.

Go deeper into the cavern, there would be many pillars, which are created and adorned all by nature. These pillars prop up from the cavern’s bottom to its roof, just like from hell to heaven. The scene really gives tourists an impressive feeling.

These slabs of stalactite have brought the cavern a mysterious beauty.

The stalactites here do not tarnish and turn into grey as in some other caverns of some limestone mountains. Most of them are bright and white, some even gleam with purple and pink color. The scene is so beautiful and unique.

Lạng Cavern is big enough for thousands of people come to visit at the same time. Distant from its mouth for a few hours of walking, the cavern’s bottom turns into a stream with the depth of 2 meters.

From there, the journey still can be continued. However, since it is quite dark, tourists will have to use torch in order to discover all the hidden beauties of this cavern.

There are some kinds of fishes living in the stream. The fishes here are cranoglasis and milkfish, most of them are very big. On the roof of the cavern, there are also a lot of bats.

With its natural and mysterious beauty, Lạng Cavern is really an attractive destination for every tourist. Coming the Lạng Cavern, every tourist will be sure that it is particularly interesting.

Source: – Translated by Vu Nga

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