Passengers can fly to South East Asian countries at VND 200,000

Vietnam Airlines (VNA) announced to launch a preferential ticket program for its international flights to South East Asian countries from January 5 to December 31, 2016.


The preferential program starts running on December 17- 27.

Accordingly, Vietnam Airlines will sell round-trip tickets, costing from VND 200,000 – 1,349,000 per flight. Particularly, price for South East Asian journeys will be sold at VND 200,000 for HCMC – Yangon/Kuala Lumpur, at VND 499,000 for HCMC- Bangkok/ Singapore and Hanoi- Kuala Lumpur, at VND 699,000 for Hanoi- Bangkok, VND 899,000 for Hanoi- Singapore/ Yangon and VND 1,349,000 for HCMC- Jakarta.

The tickets exclude fees, taxes and additional fees. Passengers can be booked tickets via the airline's website

By Bich Quyen- Translated by Huyen Huong

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