Six Tourist Development Projects Wait for Investors in Ca Mau Province

The Ca Mau Province’s authorities are calling for domestic and foreign investors into six big ecotourism development projects with the undertaking of tax remission and other special advantages.

The projects promote Ca Mau’s unique characteristics. They consist of Ca Mau Province cultural park project on the area of 18 hectares and a perch yard of 3 hectares, to be extended by another 14 hectares; Ca Mau Cape ecological tourist area project on the area of 45 hectares, to be enlarged by another 60 hectares in Dat Mui commune, Ngoc Hien District. It is the mangrove forest ecological tourist area in the country’s last cape, located around 100 kilometers of Ca Mau Town; and the ecotourism development project of U Minh Ha national park on the area of 8,000 hectares in Khanh Lam commune, U Minh District. The park has the flora and fauna ecosystem of indigo forest and flooded “special-use” forest with many rare valuable bird and animal species.

The three other projects can be invested in the forms of leasing, joint venture or cooperation. They are Ca Mau Cape national park ecotourism project, Thi Tuong Swamp and Hon Khoai ecotourism development projects.

By Minh Truong – Translated by Kim Khanh

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