Tourism administration proposes HCMC to inspect two travel firms

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism on December 21 sent a dispatch to HCMC Tourism Department, proposing to investigate travel operations of A Chau Company and Vietnam Travel Company for showing signs of law violations.

Specifically, two companies have replaced phone numbers of some companies with their numbers on Google to take advantage of the others’ prestige to swindle customers.

The administration proposed the agency to set up an inspecting team to scrutinize the two companies’ legal entity and trading operations.

The agency has also been required to announce inspecting results and send a report to the administration to learn from experience and deter similar violations from occurring in a timely manner.

On the same day, HCMC Travel Association asked its members with changed phone numbers and information on their websites to continue supplying the association with evidences to handle violators.

By Th. Ha – Translated by Hai Mien

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