Two pilots have licenses withdrawn after mid-air near miss

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam August 15 confirmed an incident on August 7 as two planes of Vietnam Airline and Vietjet Air came so close they barely missed each other. Accordingly, two pilots of Vietnam Airlines have their licenses withdrawn after mid-air near miss.

The two pilots were driving the Vietnam Airline’s HVN1203 flight that flew from Hanoi to the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho.

Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam  said that the incident nearly took place on August 7 at 3:17 PM. The air traffic controller instructed the pilots at the height of 3200 feet and they were told that a Vietjet Air’s flight that was flying in the opposite direction at the lower height.

The chief pilot signaled that he received the instruction

But the two pilots of mistakenly navigated their aircraft down to flight level 300, exposing itself to a risk of hitting the VietJet Air plane.

The collision warning systems of both planes were immediately activated, requesting them to follow instructions to help avoid a collision. Pilots were rush to fly as per instruction

Through an investigation, the CAAV concluded that the pilots violated the standard on minimum separation between flying aircraft, presenting a high-level threat to flight safety. Accordingly, the CAAV signed decisions of indefinite revocation of the licenses of the two pilots of Vietnam Airline’s HVN1203.

Right after this, the airliner suspended the pilots ordering them to make an explanation and cooperation with the CAAV. The two pilots will receive re-training. When the CAAV recognizes that they are qualified for resuming work, the agency will re-license them.

By staff writer - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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