Vietnam exempts visa for spouses of Vietnamese people

Foreigners married to Vietnamese nationals or Vietnamese citizens who reside overseas or foreign wives, husbands or children of Vietnamese who reside in other countries will be entitled to a visa exempt policy when entering Vietnam from mid-November onward.
According to the latest government decree, these people will be eligible for the visa waiver
Overseas Vietnamese will also be exempted from visa requirements upon entrance to their home country. However, they need to present documents proving that they are either overseas Vietnamese; foreigners married to overseas Vietnamese; or foreigners married to Vietnamese nationals who reside in Vietnam, according to the decree.
They will also be required to have a passport with at least one year of validity.
Those who are not allowed to enter Vietnam and those who are prohibited from leaving the Southeast Asian country as per the law on immigration are not eligible for the visa waiver.
People in other countries may apply for the visa exemption at the Vietnamese agencies in charge of visas there, whereas those who temporarily reside in Vietnam must complete the procedures at the Vietnam Immigration Department.

The maximum validity period of a visa exemption is five years. A visa exemption must be at least six months shorter than the remaining validity of the passports of the policy beneficiaries.
Additionally, a visa exemption is given to those who enter Vietnam to visit their relatives or resolve their business. A visa exemption will be attached to the passport yet for some special cases, it will be separated. It will be granted to each person. If children’s passport is included in their parents, the visa exemption will be issued with their parents too.

By PHAN THAO – translated by Anh Quan

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