13th Negotiation Session for WTO Accession to Open

A delegation of many Vietnamese Governmental officials, led by Deputy Minister of Trade Luong Van Tu, will arrive at Geneva, Switzerland on July 15 for the 13th meeting of World Trade Organization (WTO) accession negotiation of Viet Nam, announced the National Committee for International Economic Cooperation (NCIEC).

The 13th multilateral meeting of the Doha negotiating Round (DR) will officially take place in WTO Headquarters in Geneva on July 19.

Before that, the Secretariat of the meeting will call for final implementations from Viet Nam and other major member countries of DR on the remaining content of Viet Nam’s multilateral agreement.

The meeting will focus on summarizing the bilateral negotiating process of Viet Nam for WTO accession, discussing drafted reports for DR and reviewing the country’s progress of making legislation, particularly the promulgation of guiding documents of Commercial Laws, Investment Laws, Enterprise Laws, Intellectual Property Laws and its plan for coming entry into the organization.

This negotiation session plays a very important role in Viet Nam’s negotiating process for WTO accession, according to NCIEC. The country hopes other WTO member nations consider carefully the fact that Viet Nam is currently a developing country and its economy is in a renovation process to remove the remaining obstacles, aiming at satisfying the WTO’s requirements for developing countries and increasing the possibility of Vietnamese economy’s integration to the organization.

By A.N – Translated by Trong Khuong

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