Safe Land for Rehabilitated Drug Addicts

Nhi Xuan Industrial Complex

Located in the 54-hectare region in Hoc Mon District, HCM City with concrete infrastructure, this Industrial Complex is preparing for rehabilitated drug addicts and new manufacturers.

Obviously, all businesses want to run after profits. But it seems to be an exception in this region.

A lot of enterprises try to help drug addicts reintegrate into the community following detoxification by providing them with vocational training and jobs although their working capacity accounts for around 50% to 70% of normal workers.

Tuong Van Garment Company, with its factory at the finish, is recruiting and training 600 once drug addicts. Noticeably, Ngoc Ha Company is installing an Assembly line for Instant Noodle production. The owner said that the second production line will run next week and the third one will be operated after “Tet” holidays. Another packing assembly line is expected to go into operation next year so that freights and costs can be reduced.

So far, 15 enterprises have leased the land while 5 others have just built their factory in this complex, which stand as living symbols of the ability of society to reorient and reintegrate drug addicts into patterns of healthful and productive citizenship.

 Nhi Xuan Industrial Complex

Businesses and investors also receive preferential treatment from local authorities in working and operation.

The rent for 3 years, for instances, will be free for companies employing 50% of ex-drug users in its total workers.

Also, cost for leasing will be discounted up to 30% comparing to that in other existing industrial Complexes in the country. If 30% of the cost for leasing is paid, investors will be offered a nine-year deferred loan for the remaining payment.

Manufacturers will have preferential loan rate, after-tax financial assistance and other policies as stipulated in decision 17/2005/QD-UB issued on January 1, 2005

The remaining land of 23.65ha is used as a residential area in which a vocational training school, a heath centre, a post office… will be built. Hopefully, Nhi Xuan Industrial Complex would be a fresh environment for rehabilitated drug addicts.

Van Thien Loc - Translated by Van Hanh

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